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OSMA Council to Meet Virtually on March 21

As you know the OSMA canceled its Annual in-person Meeting of the House of Delegates. The OSMA Council will meet virtually on March 21 to plan how the OSMA will accomplish the organizational business that would otherwise have been conducted at the in-person meeting, namely elections and disposition of resolutions.


Ohio non-profit corporation law provides a mechanism for an organization’s board to pass temporary regulations in an emergency to address how the organization may carry out functions like meetings and elections. Thus, the OSMA Council will adopt a plan for the conduct of the 2020 election of the OSMA President-Elect and Secretary-Treasurer and the Ohio Delegation to the AMA. The Council will also decide how to review and decide on the resolutions that have been submitted and published to the membership and were scheduled for vote at the Annual Meeting.

The methodology or procedures for both elections and resolution debate and adoption will likely vary from what is required in our Constitution and Bylaws, but this is allowed as a temporary, emergency process to minimize the disruption to the OSMA that would otherwise be caused by the COVID-10 emergency.

We will communicate the Council’s decisions and process for implementing the decisions after the March 21 meeting.

You should also know that one of the candidates for President-Elect, Brian Santin, MD suspended his campaign.


Read Dr. Santin’s letter to the OSMA Council >


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