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Monitoring Medical Board Activity

Even with the disruption in the healthcare system and governing process caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the State Medical Board of Ohio continues to meet on a monthly basis to debate issues important to all licensed physicians in the state. OSMA continues to monitor these discussions and advocate for our members. Below is a recap of relevant discussions from the July meeting.

Light-Based Medical Devices

On May 12, 2020, the proposed amended rules regarding light-based medical devices (Rules 4731-18-01 through 4731-18-04) were filed with Common Sense Initiative and circulated to interested parties for comments. Concerns were raised that the Physician Assistant Policy Committee (PAPC) comments have not been fully considered by the Board. The board plans to bring the PAPC comments back to the Board at the September meeting and will proceed with amending the rules and/or filing the rules after that meeting.

CME Rules

The Ohio Osteopathic Association brought up concerns that the proposed CME rules may impede DO access to eligible CME events. The medical board agreed to work with OOA to make sure that the rules do not impede a DO licensees access to eligible CME events. The board mentioned that several comments were submitted against the proposed 2-hour mandatory CME in a physician’s duty to report. The OSMA submitted comments regarding our long-standing policy against mandatory CME.

Despite several comments against the proposed 2-hour mandatory CME requirement, the board felt that because the 2-hour recommendation was born of the report regarding the Dr. Strauss investigation, that it was important to honor that recommendation. The rules will likely be filed within the next month.

Medical Marijuana

The medical board voted to add cachexia to the list of conditions that may be treated with medical marijuana in Ohio. The board did not support adding autism and anxiety to the list. The medical board will be accepting petitions for additions to the list of conditions in November 2020.


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