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Highlights from State Medical Board's September 9th Meeting


OSMA attended the recent State Medical Board of Ohio's meeting. Below is a recap of the topics discussed.


Both the medical board’s ad hoc telehealth committee and the full medical board discussed the current legislative and regulatory telehealth environment in Ohio. The medical board expressed concerns related to ensuring that the standard of care in Ohio is not compromised when care is being provided via telemedicine. The board will continue to weigh in on legislative proposals regarding telehealth, and is also working to amend the board’s existing telemedicine rule that will strive to balance patient convenience with patient safety.

Sexual Misconduct/Duty to Report:

The medical board discussed information that was brought to light following the investigation of the board’s activities several years ago regarding Dr. Strauss, the OSU physician who was found guilty of sexual misconduct. Following the board’s audit of investigative activities from that time period, the board has identified cases dealing with sexual misconduct that require additional investigation.

The board also discussed the efforts that they are taking to remind physicians that they have a duty to report certain situations—including sexual misconduct—to the medical board. The board, through a new rule, will be requiring one hour of CME credit pertaining to a physician’s duty to report, and they are also in the process of developing an educational video on this topic.

Physician Mental Health and the OPHP Relationship:

The medical board discussed a communication received from the Medical Association Coalition (MAC), of which OSMA is a founding member. The MAC pointed out that physician well-being has been a significant concern over the past several years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has now created many additional challenges—regardless of whether a private practice setting or a large hospital system. In response to these challenges, several medical associations in Ohio came together to ask the State Medical Board of Ohio (SMBO) to take action to support its licensees. The board members committed to address these concerns moving forward. The OSMA and MAC were encouraged by this response and look forward to continuing the dialogue.

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