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What is the Lasting Impact of the COVID Pandemic on Healthcare and your Practice?


While the challenges of the last two years have impacted all of us personally, dramatic impacts on our healthcare delivery system and every physician practice have occurred as well.

Moving forward, it is important to understand the lessons learned and the lasting impacts. There are numerous questions to ask and evaluate, including the following—which will be addressed by a panel of experts at the opening session of OSMA's April 8th Symposium.

  • Did you change the way you communicate with your patients during COVID? What will you do differently in the future?

  • Did you use telehealth during COVID? How will your practice use it and other remote monitoring options moving forward?

  • Every practice was impacted financially in the first few months of the pandemic. Will lessons learned from these difficult times impact the way you contract with payors or contract with vendors moving forward?

  • Whether your practice is large or you are a solo practice, the pandemic created disruption in the ability for people to work due to sickness and quarantine. How did you manage these disruptions and will you do anything different to better address them moving forward?

  • Did you use data from your medical records to prioritize outreach to the most vulnerable? Were you connected with other healthcare providers (hospitals, practices, payers) to share data and how might you use this connectivity in the future?

  • Did you interact with your local public health department during the pandemic and how do you think the local public health infrastructure in your community will change moving forward?

  • Managing liability risk and patient safety is also important in your practice and all of healthcare. How did the pandemic impact managing risk and what are the implications today and in the future?

Join us on April 8th to help answer these questions, assess future implications, and to hear from our opening session panelists listed below. Visit to register to attend and view all event details.


Impact of COVID on the Practice of Medicine
Moderator: Todd Baker, OSMA CEO

  • Medical Practice Perspective: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward 
    Laurence Blosser, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians    

  • Implications for Health Data Exchange and Equity
    Dan Paoletti, Chief Executive Officer, Ohio Health Information Partnership

  • Implications for Public Health
    Michael Dohn, MD, MSc, Medical Director, Public Health, Dayton & Montgomery County

  • Implications for Medical Liability and Patient Safety
    Carol Murray RHIA, CPHRM, CPPS, Senior Patient Safety Risk Manager, The Doctors Company


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