Voting Instructions


OSMA Voting Made Easy...

This year we are again using the text-based platform to run elections. You will receive a text message when voting opens. When you tap the link in the text, you are sent to the voting page where you simply select your candidates, verify your vote, and submit. That’s it!

Please Note:
Once the election is started, text messages will be sent out to credentialed delegates. If you do not receive your text message with the voting link at the same time as your neighbor, don’t worry. Some carriers take longer to receive/send messages. We will check to make sure everyone has received the voting link after the election has been open for five minutes—assistance is available if for some reason the text doesn’t arrive.

You will vote in multiple elections on the same ballot. This new system will not allow you to submit an invalid ballot. Once you submit your vote you cannot vote again until the next ballot is sent out. We will verify that only those present at the meeting are able to vote.

If You Have Questions or Concerns:
We have staff ready to assist and ensure that everyone is ready to vote at the HOD on Sunday. If any additional information is needed, please contact us:  |  614-527-6762