Tort Reform

Tort Reform 20th

An Important Milestone in Ohio Healthcare

Tort reform effectively stabilized the medical malpractice marketplace—saving Ohio physicians millions, if not billions, thanks to lower rates—and helped improve healthcare access across the state. 

  •  The bill that passed was SB 281

  •  Signed into law by Gov. Taft on January 10, 2003

  •  Effective date was April 11, 2003


I M P A C T:

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R E F L E C T I O N S:

"Fortunately, tort reform completely stabilized the medical liability insurance industry, which lowered rates for me by 1/3 the cost—and has remained consistent and low these past 20 years."

~ Lisa Egbert, MD

"Before tort reform was passed, we were losing physicians who moved out of Ohio due to the high cost of medical liability insurance. Since tort reform, we have multiple insurance company options for medical liability coverage and that leads to competition and lower prices for coverage. Physicians are not afraid of huge increases in insurance premiums and it is much easier to recruit physicians to work in Ohio."

~ Susan Hubbell, MD



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