Regulatory Affairs

For more information, contact OSMA's Director of Regulatory Affairs:

Jennifer Hayhurst • (614) 527-6766

Actively Monitoring the Activities
of State & Federal Regulatory Agencies

If necessary, the OSMA engages with the agency and/or submits comments to the agency that is drafting new or amended rules. Advocating the OSMA’s position on draft rules is one of the most active points of involvement in the entire regulatory process.

OSMA Regulatory Advisory Panel

If you would like to assist the OSMA in reviewing new rule drafts, please consider joining the OSMA's Regulatory Advisory Panel. If interested, please call Jennifer at 614-527-6766.


Updates & Regulatory News:


Pharmacy Board: Medical Marijuana Rules – Comments Due 5/25/20
The pharmacy board is proposing amendments to existing rules that impact medical marijuana patients, physician recommenders, dispensaries and caregivers. Proposed changes impact various aspects of Ohio’s medical marijuana program such as patient registration, purchasing medical marijuana, fee structures, and limiting a product’s attractiveness to children.

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Medical Board: Light-Based Medical Device Rules – Comments Due 5/27/20
The medical board is amending rules that define and outline the practice and delegation of light based medical devices.  The medical board has made substantial changes and if your practice utilizes lasers, or other light based medical devices, we encourage you to review the amended rules. 

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